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Tag, share and go. Tago! 

Meet the new business card on the market. 

Tago digital business card is a new way to generate leads and build your network of connections. Small, sleek and sits in your wallet. One of the most effective marketing tools for your business or appropriate way to present yourself and your organization. 

Tago business cards are a form of digital communication that is quickly transforming the way people connect. 

Did you know that over 80% of people don't exchange contact information with someone they just met? Tago Card is a digital business card that allows you to transfer your contact information on any device by tapping it. With NFC technology, all you need to do is tag your card against someone else's phone. It's that easy! For all non NFC phones, just use your backup QR code!

Tago Cards come with a chip, NFC technology that allows two devices to communicate wirelessly when they are in close proximity. Your card contains a link to our admin systems where all your latest contact info, social media accounts and so much more are stored. Need to change your details? Easy, update them in our system and next time you tap your card, the new details are shared with your connections. You will never need another card again! 

It changes the way individuals and businesses promote themselves. No more fumbling for a business card or trying to make a call from a piece of paper! 


Contactless business card 

Traveling, visiting an event or conference? Simply tap your Tago Card against another NFC-enabled device and it'll instantly share information from one to the other - no need for typing or swiping. 


The only multiple alphabet business card

Living in Australia and travelling to China for business? Easy, log into the admin system, activate your Chinese profile and you are good to go. When you next tap your Tago Card, it will save all information in Chinese!

Travelling to other countries with different alphabets? No worries, we got you covered!


No app needed

Enables you to transmit your contact details (and so much more) to any smart phone without needing any application.


Never lose a contact info again! 

All shared data remains safe and secure in the persons phone. 


Changing details frequently?

Do you often change numbers? Addresses? Business title? Want to share social network links with someone? Or would like to share different information with certain people? Now you can, with Tago Cards! Create a profile for each occasion, today you are a Business Consultant – just active your profile in our system. Tomorrow you are a Finance Consultant – just active your other profile!


Smart phone compatibility

Tago Cards are compatible with all NFC enabled phones. For older phones, information can still be shared via the backup QR code on your Tago Card!

Send contact information to people nearby with one simple tag, so everyone can get in touch on the spot. It's that easy! 



Tago Cards are protected with near-field communication technology, so they can't be intercepted or copied by strangers nearby. All your contact information stored in our system, reside in a Tier 1 secured datacenter covered by all major regulations such as GDPR.


Tago admin panel

We will provide you with log in details to your account, through which you have access to the Administration panel where you can change or add all the information you would like. 

The card comes as fully programmed with information you have provided to us. However, if you want to change certain details you can do so by logging in to your account. 

You have full control over the information you provide with multiple card profiles supported:

  1. Add new card profiles (one in English and one in Chinese; one for one business title and one for another); 
  2. Activate a card profile that you would like to appear at the recipient device. 


Managing your updates

Take complete control of your information update or we can do it for you. The choice is yours! 

With Tago you are always up-to-date. It will keep your contact information stored and ready to share and grow your network.